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Spinal Degeneration-Wear and tear on the intervertebral discs, which can narrow the spinal canal and cause back stiffness and pain.

Initial Care - Your first goal while under treatment is to start to feel better. therefore, your office visits are more frequent and composed of therapies designed to help offer relief of your symptoms and to show you ways to prevent it from re-occurring. Depending on your age, condition, lifestyle and response to treatment - repeated visits over weeks may be needed to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. The goal is to move through this phase as quickly as possible to stabalize the situation. Although your symptoms may be largely gone at the end of this phase of treatment, it is important to continue your care into the next phase to completely heal and prevent any reccurance of your problem.

Rehabilitative Care - Underlying tissue dysfunction and degeneration often remain after your original symptoms have improved. Rehabilitative care stabilizes your condition and promotes complete healing. During this time your visit frequency is reduced and advanced strengthening and flexibility exercises are given. You learn how to take care of yourself for life to avoid re-injuring and understand how to minimize problems should they arise again.

Maintainence Care- After maximum therapeutic benefits has been gained, you may elect to use us for periodic maintenance care. Because many problems are due to chronically poor posture and overuse syndromes, occasional visits can help catch problems before they become serious.

The spine and other related joints and tissues are generally strong and resilient structures.

However, the demands of daily living can make us susceptible to injury.

By identifying and treating problems early on, often when the symptoms are mild, progressive dysfunction is limited and escalating problems can be stopped or minimized.

Our office creates mutually agreed upon visits that include treatment as well as re-evaluations, specific self-help activities and exercise plans. As your life situation changes your treatment needs change and so will your care plan. Our goals are to improve your health and improve your quality of life.

Supportive Care - After maximum theraputic benefits have been attained, some patients over time fail to sustain this benefit and regress after their treatment has stopped. Typically, the reasons may include chronic injuries, ongoing stress at work or other activities of daily living. These patients are put on a supportive care plan to help them manage their conditions and prevent their initial problems from returning.

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