Personal Injury Expert Witness Testimony
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Expert Witness Testimony for Personal Injury Accidents
Dr. Wayne Poller: Bergen Spine & Rehabilitation, LLC

Expert-Witness-TestimonyWorkers’ Compensation Court Testimony: In many workers’ compensation cases, it becomes necessary for the treating doctor to testify as an expert witness on behalf of the patient. The expert witness testimony is extremely important to the case and can mean the difference in thousands of dollars to the patient. It can also have a huge impact on the treatment and monetary benefits received by the injured worker.

When work injury cases go to trial

Many issues may arise when a workers’ compensation injury goes to trial. These may include how the injury occurred, the extent of the injuries and whether the injury is permanent or not. A competent doctor must testify properly and concisely for the injured patient. This expert witness testimony will have a significant impact on the compensation received by the patient and can also affect the treatment required by the injured worker.

Dr. Wayne Poller has over 38 years of providing court testimony

Most doctors will not testify. They either choose not to, fear to do so, or simply do not have the experience or credentials necessary. Conversely, many doctors that do testify, do so poorly. Dr. Wayne Poller of Bergen Spine & Rehabilitation, LLC has extensive trial experience and are always available to testify on our clients behalf.

Having the ability to provide expert testimony makes our office extremely valuable to our patients and to attorneys as well.

Expert witness testimony for personal injury at Bergen Spine & Rehabilitation, LLC

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